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Title IX refers to an important legal protection in relation to education programming or activities that receive federal financial assistance. These protections extend to student athletes in a range of important ways. If you believe your child’s civil rights under Title IX have been violated, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Illinois Title IX attorney

Sports Participation

Title IX is best known for upholding the rights of those historically underrepresented in sports, which traditionally meant females. This law requires all schools receiving federal funding to provide students with equitable opportunities to participate in athletic activities regardless of the student’s gender. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) implements a three-pronged test when evaluating compliance with this requirement that includes the following:

  • Determining whether the number of opportunities for students of each gender is substantially proportionate in relation to the school’s enrollment
  • Determining if the school can show a history of and continuing efforts to expand their programs in response to students’ interests and abilities in relation to their enrollment  
  • Determining if the school can show that its students’ athletic interests and abilities are being fully and effectively accommodated 

In recent years, changing cultural attitudes toward gender have resulted in new types of conflicts surrounding the application of Title IX in sports, particularly in relation to transgender athletes. If you or your child are dealing with unequal opportunities in school sports, discuss your legal options with an Illinois Title IX attorney. 

Additional Sports Benefits

OCR evaluates whether an institution complies with the requirement for additional benefits and opportunities in accordance with what it calls a laundry list, including:

  • Protective athletic equipment
  • Locker rooms and facilities for practice and competition
  • Allocation of per diem benefits for travel and transportation
  • Coaches with similar experience and expertise
  • Nature of publicity, marketing, and media services
  • Times and schedules for practices and games
  • Academic tutoring for student-athletes
  • Access to training and medical services
  • Institutional support
  • Recruiting resources

Protection from Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Title IX’s protections extend beyond sports. The law also protects high school students from sexual harassment and sexual violence, which are both considered forms of gender discrimination. Schools are required to have strategies in place that are designed to safeguard students. If your child has experienced harassment or discrimination at school because of their gender, an Illinois Title IX attorney may be able to help.

Protection from Hazing, Bullying, and Cyberbullying

Title IX extends its reach to other forms of harassment in schools too, which are required to root out those traditions and initiations that contribute to a hostile environment that supports hazing, bullying, and cyberbullying.

Other School Benefits

Title IX protects students from gender discrimination in school programs, curriculums, and extracurriculars that are outside the realm of sports. This includes opportunities related to STEM and fine arts, for example.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Illinois Title IX Attorney

If you believe your child’s civil rights in relation to Title IX have been violated, it’s an important matter that deserves legal attention. George Sanders at The Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., is a formidable Illinois civil rights attorney who has the skill and legal insight to help. Mr. Sanders is committed to harnessing the full force of his imposing experience in focused pursuit of your claim’s optimal outcome – in support of your child’s rights and best interests. 

We are on your side and here to help, so please don’t put off reaching out and contacting us for more information today.


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