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Americans like to share their opinions. We like to debate. We like to argue. Positive change happens when ideas and values are challenged. Free speech is an important facet of our democracy. The right to free speech is indisputable under the First Amendment of the United States. 

In an age where politicians and lawmakers spout ideas and news on social media and online comments are uncensored and anonymous, freedom of speech becomes complicated and messy. We must continue to protect our rights to freedom of speech and the rights of those who may be attacked due to misuse of this liberty.

What Is And Is Not Freedom Of Speech?

Freedom of speech means we can share our opinions without fear that the government will silence us. Freedom of speech means we can challenge rules and laws that we feel are unfair. Freedom of speech means we can present a case and call people to action for the common good of our country and its people. 

Too many people think they can say, write, or do whatever they want because they are free to do it. There are limitations to our freedoms. We cannot use our freedoms to infringe on the rights of others. 

Freedom of speech is not inciting violence, making threats, slandering someone’s reputation, or conspiring to commit a crime or espionage. Freedom of speech is not distributing violent, obscene, or pornographic materials. Freedom of speech is not disruptive to others; it does not infringe on their rights and liberties. 

What Are My Rights To Free Speech?

You have the right not to speak. You have the right to state your opinions. You have the right to criticize the president, the government, politicians, and the police. You have the right to contribute money to political campaigns. You have the right to advertise products and services. You have the right to engage in symbolic speech. You have the right to speak or write your opinions. 

One thing to remember is that freedom of speech also depends on where, when, and to whom you are communicating. A teacher’s political view may be ok to share at a political campaign meeting but not ok to share in a classroom of high schoolers. 

When Should I Consult With A Chicago Free Speech Attorney?

Suppose you were exercising your right of free speech without citing violence or causing a disruption to others, and a government entity stifled your speech. In that case, you should consult with a civil liberties lawyer in Chicago

If you have been accused of free speech that infringed on the rights of others, incited violence, or was obscene, you will need the expertise of a civil liberties attorney to defend your actions. If you or a loved one believes that your freedoms have been taken away or abused, you should consult with a civil liberties lawyer. They will use their experience and resources to ensure your rights to free speech are respected and protected.

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